About Olly Molly

Making Global Sounds Great Again

Olly Molly has a knack for blurring the lines between cultures through music, seamlessly incorporating global sounds with house and electronic beats.

The Corsica-born, London-based producer cultivated his interest in the intersection of music and culture at a young age. Growing up with a Lebanese father and a French mother, Olly Molly felt something stir within him while listening to western and eastern music styles. He began playing the drums in a rock band, and, shortly thereafter, expanded his portfolio by learning guitar and piano. At age 20, Olly Molly shifted his focus to music production, as he recognizes the diligence required to craft a memorable, soul-moving song and seeks to instill a greater appreciation for cultural sounds in electronic music.

Inspired by a diverse collection of musicians, including Daft Punk, Beethoven, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson, Olly Molly maintains his open mindedness in his latest album, The Monopoly of Heart. The 17-track collection showcases his creativity and brings (name an instrument or sound that’s unique to a culture) into the house music arena. “Capri” is a high energy song, perfect for dancing and appreciating a style that is uniquely Olly Molly.

The Monopoly of Heart is just the beginning for Olly Molly. Come along for the ride, crossing cultural borders and instilling a global awareness into electronic music.